1. All green fees must be paid before play commences and where upon players agree to abide by the rule regulations.
  2. Players must wear a shirt or suitable top at all times.
  3. Players must “tee-off” from the mats.
  4. All divots must be recovered and replaced.
  5. Pitch marks made by the impact of your ball on the green must be repaired.
  6. Trolleys and golf bags must not be taken onto greens.
  7. Boundary fences must not be crossed to retrieve golf balls, or for any other reason.
  8. Players must rake bunkers after playing their shot.
  9. If you fall more than one hole behind the group in front or you are looking for a ball please allow players waiting behind to play through.
  10. On completion of a hole please clear the green and move to the next tee as soon as possible.
  11. Please obey all notices and follow all directional signs on the course.
  12. All persons enter the course at their own risk. Roundwood Hall Golf Club Ltd. accepts no liability for any loss, damage and/or injury of any description howsoever arising. Ensure the way is clear before taking your shot and shout ‘FORE’ if the ball deviates off target or towards another player.
  13. In the event of lightning or a thunderstorm occurring whilst on the course, players are advised to leave the course immediately. If you choose to play on, it is at your own risk. No siren/alarm will be sounded by the club to recall you.

Course Rules


A ball coming to rest on the wrong green MUST be lifted and dropped off the green, no nearer the hole, without penalty.


Any ball lying beyond the boundary hedge or fence is out of bounds.


All boundary fences are deemed immovable obstructions and relief MUST be taken when the stance or intended swing is interfered with by the fence. The ball should be dropped, without penalty, within one club-length of the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole.


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May be removed without penalty.


If a ball strikes an overhead wire, supporting wire or post, the shot MUST be replayed without penalty. The player does not have the option of playing the ball as it lies.



  • A ball embedded in its own pitch mark through the green may be lifted and cleaned and should be dropped, without penalty, as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer the hole.
  • A ball lying on any “closely mown area” through the green may, without penalty, be lifted, cleaned and placed within six inches of where it originally lay, but not nearer the hole.


Our postcode is CT18 8DJ – please be aware that some Sat Navs can direct you in to Lyminge or past the golf course. When you see a long line of conifer hedges and our signs you have found us!

We love golf. It’s one of those few sports that offers the opportunity for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to participate and socialise together, at the same time as getting to enjoy the wonderful green space that our golf course offers.

Dress Code. Happy with relaxed – agreed. But no topless whilst on the course. This may well upset some – and shuld be the only minimum requirement. Shirts, Tee shirts, Polo shirts all acceptable of course!

We hope you enjoy your golf experience with us. We’re not your typical golf club – make yourself at home and enjoy the charms of the Kent countryside.

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